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Benefits of Senna Leaves for Digestion

Senna leaf is one of the herbs that are widely used to treat constipation. Not only that, this herbal plant also holds other benefits for the digestive tract. Senna leaf, or in Javanese known as Godong Seno, has long been used to treat constipation. The content of sennosides found in senna leaves has a laxative effect. So, it is not surprising that senna leaves are effective for treating constipation. Benefits of Senna Leaves for the Digestive Tract The following are two benefits of senna leaf for the digestive tract: Overcoming constipation As explained earlier, senna leaves are effective for treating constipation. Senna leaf which has been extracted into medicine has even been approved by the United States health organization for use by adults and children aged over 2 years. The effectiveness of senna leaves in dealing with constipation can be increased if combined with psyllium or docusate sodium. Senna leaf mixture with the two ingredients, is believed to be effective for
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Menstruation More Than A Week, This Is The Cause

Menstruation more than a week can be considered as a prolonged period. Normally, women experience menstruation for 3-7 days every month. However, there are some things that can cause your period to last longer than that. During the first few years of puberty, it is natural that menstrual cycles are irregular or menstruation lasts more than a week. But as women age, menstruation will become shorter and more regular. Causes of Menstruation More Than A Week There are many reasons why menstruation can last for more than 7 days, including: 1. Hormonal imbalance Every month, the lining of the uterus will thicken to prepare for pregnancy. In the fertile period, women will remove eggs from the ovaries (ovaries). If there is no fertilization of the egg by sperm, the egg in the uterus will decay out. This is what is called menstruation. Well, the thickening of the uterine wall is regulated by the hormones estrogen and progesterone. If the two hormones are unbalanced, the uterine wall wi

8 This Can Make You Difficult To Have Heredity

Having children is the hope of almost all married couples. However, it is not uncommon for couples to find difficulties, due to fertility problems or infertility. Well, you should be aware of some things that might be underestimated, but actually it can make it difficult for you to have children. Indeed, not all causes of infertility can be prevented or controlled. But you and your partner can avoid the risk factors by leading a healthy life to increase the chances of getting offspring. Ranging from disease to lifestyle Some causes of infertility are indeed disorders of the reproductive organs. However, there are other things related to lifestyle that you can actually control and prevent, including: Body weight is not ideal Women who are overweight can experience disruption of menstrual periods and fertility. Similarly, women whose weight is very far below normal. In addition, sperm quality in obese men will also decrease. The good news, by following a healthy diet, weight can